downtown oakland
Downtown Oakland circa 1910

First Friday, SOBO surfing, and the end of an era in Uptown

July 6, 2012

Tomorrow is the first anniversary of the Art Murmur’s Saturday Stroll, a quieter gallery hop in the sleepy weekend afternoon. But First Friday’s noise and bustle are fun too, as the warm summer will draw increasing numbers to Telegraph from Uptown to 25th.

A new boutique called the Oakland Surf Club has opened at 337 14th St near Webster, stocking clothing, accessories and sundries for men and women, in addition to surfboards, skate decks, and magazines. T-shirts, shorts and 70s-inspired sneakers make up most of the offerings, along with jewelry and clutches for women and a selection of sunscreen for men.

Dr. Shabubu, who covered Uptown in taped-up tirades from its emergence as a dispensary district in the early 2000s until about 2006, has passed away. The DTO learned of his passing from a poorly xeroxed flyer.

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1 Famous Doctor Shabubu { 08.24.12 at 12:23 am }

PLEASE get this straight. MY facebook site is DOCTOR.SHABUBU not Dr.Shabubu. There have bene phony Dr.S sites, by (no doubt) old girl/boy friends, insignificant others, or escaped “exotic pets”. I am in Berkeley trying to bring some culture to a town fulla posers. My current ex-friend psycho-bitch in the East Bay is Aundre Speciale. She is another Jenna P, but witha REAL pot club, not an immaginary one. Howver she is in crap with everybody including MONTEL….what do you expect from a Leo w/ Sag. rising…Jenna P is a Scorpio/Sagitarius CUSP w/and ARES rising……I need a NEW g/f who can handle some interning at SHABUBU-CENTRAL-COMMAND-CENTER…in W.B-CITY….im just 4 block walk to the bay where I talk to the Ocean Goddess, Iamoja-yeye…she is the only mother Ive ever known, and being the second oldest diety in the YORUBA pantheon (Voudoo) she is totally, awesomely powerfull to protect me and my kids from all the bullshit posers, witches, wanna-be satanists like ther aforementioned witch-ho-psychogirrrl ex-girl buddies……im sorry but I cant tolerate disrespect or people trying to turn Berkeley into an outtake from Oliver Stoners rescent masterpiece..SAVAGES……sorry ladies..but I need a girlfriend who likes/loves me for myself, not my wealth or power or my enormous TALENT…im reaLLY a double-pisces little boy with a DUEL nature…THE rockstar and the poet who falls for the prettiest (to me) coolest chicks…its not my fault im trying to pleaser a mother who JUST NEVER WAS THER… anyway..if im really DEAD my OUTSIDER ART (ive been compared to JANE “in vain” WINKELMAN who is really selling well to collectors….and she’s dead from too much ABSOLUTEVODKA…..anyway if you people can help by holding a memorial festa or a WIN A DATE WITH OAKLAND’S OWN PICASSO…please text me at 510-867-1435…..and have a blessed and happy week. II miss oakland..I was a bit hungryer….but the girrrls wern’t so stuck-up…even the lesbians at (former) MAMA BUZZ’s treated me with more RESPECT and human dignity…the food not bombs girrls were rascist…the Berkely political scene is 50% FEDS, snitches and satan-worshipping tweakers, junkies and metrosexual bondage freaks….im just a lonely guy…with a LOT to offer..once again 510-867-1435 text messages with nude photo’s attached given priority attention….for thee INTERN positions…not much pay…but I smoke alot of “donations” to my church of Shabubu…the NEW religion or choice.