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This Friday the first to feature legal live music

May 7, 2010

This is the first First Friday since the City of Oakland’s cabaret ordinance was reformed, a long-time goal of cultural mavens. As of Wednesday, restaurants and cafes are allowed live music, and DJ bars no longer have to worry about being ticketed. The late-night permits and easier cabaret permitting process for clubs will hopefully encourage more nightlife, and tonight many are expected to enjoy the freedom to play music in public. With newly-legal live performance as the backdrop, today’s sunny First Friday offers a wealth of cultural opportunities.

Highlights of the monthly Art Murmur can be found in the OakBook’s regular article about the art scene. Uptown’s newest hotspot, The New Parish, hosts a Feria Urbana for local designers to sell their wares, ranging from art to jewelry to t-shirts to hats. More details are available at

For the Bike Month of May, cyclists will ride the map of the Art Murmur from 23rd and Telegraph starting at 6:30pm, “in a fantastic parade of hometown fashion and music.”

The Uptown Nightclub, just slightly off the beaten Art Murmur path, will host a First Friday extravaganza with no cover charge. Several bands and DJs including The Mumlers will perform, while Warner Records will play new albums from The Black Keys and The Dead Weather.

Further afield, newcomer Urban Legend Cellars winery will keep their tasting room open until 9pm tonight. 621 4th St. Nearby, on Saturday and Sunday, Jack London Square will host The Sweet Shoppe, a festival dedicated to sweets. Just in time for Mother’s Day, its probably the best place to pick up bonbons in the DTO.

Uptown’s resident pedicab service, Backseat Driver, will be out and about tonight. Check out’s video interview with urban micro-entrepreneurs Ken and Lulu Ott. Look for Ken and his rickshaw around town tonight. While Ken pedals around, The Rock Papers Scissors Collective will display of human-powered machinery, an element of their Beyond Bicycles project.

Since we’re on the topic of transportation, allow me to plug a professional project of mine. I am helping Friendly Cab offer free taxi rides on First Fridays. A $5 taxi coupon, enough for a free bar-hopping trip downtown, will be available tonight at three downtown bars: Penelope at 11th and Clay, The Layover at 1517 Franklin, and Era Artbar at 19 Grand. Stop by a bar and ask for your coupon, and enjoy a free or heavily discounted ride on Friendly Cab! Sponsored by Kapsack & Bair DUI Attorneys, the coupon can help you have fun while avoiding drunk driving. Read more about it at and the Trib’s Nightowl blog.

Whether you’re cabbing, bicycling, walking, riding a rickshaw, or even driving, downtown’s First Friday is where all roads lead. Legalizing live music this week adds to the cultural celebration.


1 Quercki { 05.09.10 at 11:41 am }

I wanted to leave a comment saying what a good idea I think the $5 taxi vouchers are. Even though I didn’t use one, I like having them available.

2 dto510 { 05.14.10 at 12:16 pm }

Thanks Quercki!