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Downtown Oakland circa 1910

Film, food and financial rescue

July 17, 2009

This week’s downtown news is brought to you by first-hand experience, online media sources, and the number 30.

Specialty film is the theme of moment, with the International Black Women’s Film Festival opening at the Oakland Museum tonight. If you missed yesterday’s viewing of Afro-futurist classic Brother From Another Planet, there will be another airing of the Black Sci-Fi film fest in August. And 21 Grand is showing an avant-garde video art project this evening,

Yesterday I had the opportunity to enjoy a lunch prepared by the team behind Encuentro, a wine bar and vegetarian restaurant planned for 200 Second St. While they wait on all the hassles to clear to open their restaurant, they host an occasional lunch that is both literally and figuratively underground – in a semi-sunken loft somewhere near the JLS train station. Tuesdays and Thursdays (though not next Thursday), look for an open door to find an $8 gourmet and vegetarian lunch, usually a choice of sandwich or salad (lemonade, ice tea, and cookies are extra). You can find more information by sniffing around Facebook.

In other Jack London Square news, the Chronicle reports that the much-anticipated restaurant Bocanova is coming closer to its debut, with more details available on its New World cuisine and family-style dining. In related news, the forthcoming gastropub on 13th off Clay Jefferson is finishing its buildout and anticipates an early August opening. In perhaps even more joyous news, the hulking half-finished City Walk project across the pedestrian way has been transferred to another developer, raising hopes that the project might actually be finished. New restaurants joining new housing? It seems like the 10k Plan has a little more steam.


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1 danny { 07.21.09 at 10:33 am }

where is that gastropub again? I tried walking around the area and couldn’t find it.

is it at the end of the city walk area and clay? or further down clay? or what is it next too? I used to work there a few years ago and still live somewhat nearby so I’m hoping its decent.

2 dto510 { 07.21.09 at 12:15 pm }

It’s on the alley next to City Walk, which was once 13th St and now connects Jefferson (the Federal Building) to MLK (Preservation Park). It’s attached to and owned by the cafe at the corner. They hope to open in two weeks.