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So much to do, so little boat parking

November 14, 2008

If I were to update last month’s Uptown Excitement blog, I’d call it Uptown Explosion. Several restaurants announced openings in the greater Uptown area, generating attention from San Francisco to Westlake. The district may soon see a champagne bar, but still no taco trucks.

More than just the culinary arts are flourishing in Uptown. Partners from B Restaurant, Fiveten Studio, and Levende East are planning a multi-level dance club in the block of historic storefronts including 21 Grand, once home to Industrielle, a mattress dealer, and a military-themed bookstore. Meanwhile, an improv theater has found a home nearby, on Broadway.

Maybe I’ve been paying too much attention to BRT, TOD and LTEs, but it seems like car parking is an issue as Oakland becomes a bit more thriving. But not only cars need parking. Bicyclists are of course aware of the crippling lack of bike parking since meters were replaced by kiosks. For another modal perspective, the crew of the Zen Sakai document the hassle of parking a boat to get lunch at Jack London Square.

Saturday, City Councilmember-elect Rebecca Kaplan, Equality California’s Sean Sullivan, and other leaders (TBA) will address a gathering of Oaklanders at City Hall in opposition to Proposition 8. Tomorrow looks to be warm, and Frank Ogawa Plaza is a sunny spot on a nice day.

Lest I leave out the jewel of downtown, please enjoy this Zeppelin’s-eye view of Lake Merritt, and your DTO weekend.

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Vote early, party often

November 4, 2008

Well, Election Day is here, and it looks to be an exciting one. With all luck, Obama will win early (Virginia’s polls close at 4pm Pacific), but Californians will be up late looking for results on the all-important state and local races. To while away the time doing something other than obsessively reloading, bring your recently-voted self to Starbucks for a free coffee (multiple locations) or Ben and Jerry’s (Jack London Square) for a free ice cream cone!

The O-Scene has a comprehensive list of election night parties, though it doesn’t include the official Alameda County Democratic Party bash at the Oakland Marriott. Other places holding parties include Air Lounge, Everett & Jones, Kimball’s Carnival, Luka’s Taproom, and an undisclosed location in Ghost Town.

See you there! I’ll be the guy with the I Voted sticker.

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