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September 12, 2008

A few choice articles about the DTO for your perusal:

A new skyscraper proposal seeks to anchor the skyline with a spiral tower between 19th and 20th on Broadway. That means there are now four proposals in the pipeline that would be the tallest buildings in town.

BART floats the idea of charging more to exit at certain crowded stations. No indication if the DTO’s stations may be mooted for this form of congestion pricing.

Council at-large candidates meet Monday in Jack London Square for a forum. Next Wednesday, Rebecca Kaplan opens her campaign HQ in Uptown, while Kerry Hamill will open her Uptown campaign office Friday.

Downtown’s two unfinished condo projects announce plans to reboot, and the Cathedral Building’s full-floor flats get some press.

Alameda’s Naval Air Base reuse plans appear to hinge on how to get folks from the West End of Alameda to downtown Oakland without clogging traffic too much. A Personal Rapid Transit system, like that tentatively proposed for the Oakland Army Base, has been suggested, but widely derided.

Cultural institutions plead for more business support, while the city does its best to make things uncomfortable for nightclubs.

I suggest some new ideas for the downtown zoning update. Besos on the street, anyone?

The City Council’s back next week and downtown will be on the agenda in some form or another. Enjoy the weekend!

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