downtown oakland
Downtown Oakland circa 1910

Pedestrian-friendly public art

July 15, 2008

Recently the fine men and women of Oakland’s Public Works Department painted over a “guerilla” crosswalk installed in May by frustrated activists in the Gold Coast neighborhood. One resident is turning to public art to aid the pedestrian-unfriendly intersection: below is his proposal, Pride Mural.


1 Joanna { 07.15.08 at 4:18 pm }

Love it! I was quite sad a few weeks ago when I drove through there and saw that they had painted over the guerrilla crosswalk. Didn’t it cost more to paint over it than to paint it in the first place? And it is definately needed there. Oh, and why are other locations (Frisbie & Harrison, for example) allowed to have crosswalks, but other locals not?

2 Born in Oakland { 07.25.08 at 2:28 am }

We have painted a number of crosswalks and red curbs (to assist at keeping cars from parking and blinding intersections) over the years and most remained intact because they were clearly necessary and the neighbors did not report them to Public Works.