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Dining out for life

April 24, 2008

Today is the annual fundraiser Dining Out for Life. Participating restaurants will donate a portion of their receipts to AIDS charities. That means that donating to charity is as easy as going out to eat! Of course, that’s because it’s the restaurant, not really the customer, who’s donating, but why quibble? It’s a good cause. Participating restaurants in and around the DTO are:

B Restaurant, 499 9th St

La Taza de Cafe, 3909 Grand Ave

Mezze, 3907 Lakeshore

Milano, 3425 Grand Ave

Tamarindo, 468 8th St

Zza’s Trattoria, 552 Grand Ave

Also, downtown Vietnamese eatery Pho 84 was victim of a takeover robbery recently (as was Milano, above), so that’s another great destination this week to show some support. Bon appetit!

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1 Becks { 04.25.08 at 9:23 pm }

I ate at B Restaurant last night and it was delicious. The warm mushroom salad and the brown butter cake with rhubarb were my favorite dishes of the night.

I was impressed at how crowded it was, and I’m not sure they’re used to handling those crowds on a Thursday, since service slowed down towards the end of our meal.