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Downtown Oakland circa 1910

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Where is the DTO 3?

March 11, 2011

On Tuesday, the City Council Community and Economic Development Committee approved a request to apply for a grant to study a downtown transit investment – something that some are calling a “streetcar” study, although it will study all modes of transit. During the discussion, Councilmember Jane Brunner (North Oakland) pointed out that calling the stretch of Broadway above downtown but below 580 “Upper Broadway” was very confusing to people in North Oakland. And while they were on the subject, Councilmember Pat Kernighan (Chinatown – Eastlake – Crocker Highlands) posed a similar question:

She asked, where is Uptown? What is the relationship between Uptown and Downtown? Is there a Mid-Town? These questions are worth exploring.

Downtown Oakland – or as we like to call it around here, the DTO – is becoming a destination because of its cultural attractions, including nightlife, and the US Census reports that downtown is one of the (few) fast-growing parts of the city. With the downtown core becoming a bigger part of Oakland, it is time to dust off the old maps and see if we can update the geography of the heart of Oakland.

Below is a map from 2008, part of a discussion on mapping downtown’s identity. An updated map is a good project, so how can we change it? What do you, as a downtown resident, worker, or enjoyer, think about this map? Is it basically right or way off? What has changed since 2008? And what are the answers to CM Kernighan’s questions – where is Uptown? Is there a Mid-Town? Next week I will upload a map based on our discussion and we’ll see how cultural change can be expressed as geography.


DTO Reading File June 18 2010

June 18, 2010

All the news you need to read to be caught up on the happenings in the DTO.

KALW reports on decades-long efforts to make Chinatown more vibrant and pedestrian-friendly.

The Oakland Tribune reminds us of an ill-fated proposal to gut the Fox and Paramount theaters, and remove several historic buildings, to create a movie multiplex.

Jerry Brown, now the Democratic nominee for Governor of California, points to the restored Fox Theater and revitalized Uptown arts district as his key accomplishments of Mayor of Oakland.

OaklandLocal’s list of weekend parties includes the one-year anniversary of Penelope, a purveyor of spicy cocktails. Penelope will celebrate its longevity with a masquerade ball and charity auction on Saturday.

The Planning Commission voted 5-1 to uphold the recent downtown zoning map over the objections of a small group of NIMBYs who sought to block development around Lake Merritt.

Oakland Pride opened an office in Jack London Square. The nonprofit organization hopes to create a permanent community center, while preparing for the relaunch of an Oakland Pride festival along Telegraph Ave in Uptown.

Shorenstein’s City Center properties are close to a sale to new investors, while another downtown landlord fell into foreclosure.

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